A step-by-step guide on how COOCO works, starting from saving ingredients to creating a meal plan.

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Easy Thanksgiving Entertaining
Background kcal 469 kcal

Easy thanksgiving entertaining

By Ava Fourie
Tiramisu Infused With Amaretto (Eggless!)
Background kcal 227 kcal

Tiramisu infused with amaretto (eggless!)

By Ava Fourie
Black Velvet - Adapted From Paula Deen
Background kcal 313 kcal

Black velvet - adapted from paula deen

By Ava Fourie
Brussels Sprouts Lardons With Cherries and Walnuts
Background kcal 205 kcal

Brussels sprouts lardons with cherries and walnuts

By Ethan Barnard
Fresh Cherry Scones
Background kcal 335 kcal

Fresh cherry scones

By Ethan Barnard
Easy Peasy Strawberry Dessert
Background kcal 270 kcal

Easy peasy strawberry dessert

By Ethan Barnard
Swiss Chard Wraps
Background kcal 137 kcal

Swiss chard wraps

By Ethan Barnard
Salmon Frittata
Background kcal 624 kcal

Salmon frittata

By Ethan Barnard
Honey Ginger Lemon Iced Tea
Background kcal 144 kcal

Honey ginger lemon iced tea

By Ethan Barnard
Layered Poppy Seed Pastries
Background kcal 262 kcal

Layered poppy seed pastries

By Harper Pieterse
Pulled Pork Sandwich with Mango BBQ sauce
Background kcal 875 kcal

Pulled pork sandwich with mango bbq sauce

By Harper Pieterse
Roasted Chicken and Brown Rice Soup
Background kcal 455 kcal

Roasted chicken and brown rice soup

By Harper Pieterse
Strawberry Cucumber Refresher
Background kcal 13 kcal

Strawberry cucumber refresher

By Harper Pieterse
Tequila Lime Shrimp
Background kcal 122 kcal

Tequila lime shrimp

By Harper Pieterse
Meatball Vegetable Soup
Background kcal 582 kcal

Meatball vegetable soup

By Harper Pieterse
Bailey's Irish Cream Crepes With Creme
Background kcal 489 kcal

Bailey's irish cream crepes with creme

By Oliver Khumalo
Banana Smoothie Boost
Background kcal 42 kcal

Banana smoothie boost

By Oliver Khumalo
Banana Prawn Rolls
Background kcal 343 kcal

Banana prawn rolls

By Oliver Khumalo
Blueberry Chia-Poppy Seed Loaf - Gluten and Dairy Free
Background kcal 371 kcal

Blueberry chia-poppy seed loaf - gluten and dairy free

By Oliver Khumalo
Almond Chocolate Caramel Bars
Background kcal 378 kcal

Almond chocolate caramel bars

By Oliver Khumalo
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